Hi everyone! My name is Teresha Bradley, and I am so excited to join the Dhyana Yoga Boutique team as an ambassador.

My mission is to become a leader in the yoga community as a women of color, while loving and teaching ALL yogis I’m encountered with. My passion is healing trauma through yoga, and integrating this practice throughout our daily lives.

I am a co-founder of @thesana_project – an inclusive space that empowers and embraces all yogis. I have my 200 hour yoga certification through @blackyogamagazine, and currently working on a trauma conscious yoga certification. I’m also a retired Division I athlete!

I am beyond excited to become an ambassador with Dhyana Yoga Boutique, to promote quality yoga products and spread awareness of the benefits of yoga and meditation.



Kayla is a 500hr certified yoga teacher, indoor cycling instructor, author, health coach, smoothie expert and public speaker.

Her goal with all her students and clients is to help them find the best versions of themselves and to be healthy whole and happy.

She is passionate about supporting and representing local businesses and loves how DYB quality products and how they have enhanced her yoga practice.




Christine came to yoga as a way to work through depression and anxiety.

After years of practice she felt the call to go deeper and registered for teacher training.

As a teacher and student she understands the difficult and sometimes complicated relationship between yogis and their mats. She believes taking step onto the mat can be the hardest part of the practice at times.

“The mat is just the mirror; the practice is in showing up and taking a look at yourself. Again and again.” —



After leaving the world of touring in a punk rock band, stumbled through the next several years of my life consumed with anger & a feeling of being lost.

I thought that my anger and outrage was actually a sign of strength and that it was an inherent weakness to express any love or compassion.​I found myself spending a lot of time in the gym…but feeling horrible.

My body was stiff and I could barely touch my toes. I heard about the benefits of yoga for gym rats like me and thought, “Well hell, maybe I can learn some cool handstands and sick arm balances, too”.​

Not long after I was enrolled in a 200-hour training, followed by a cultural immersion, training and pilgrimage in India and became completely immersed in Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion.

Bhakti cracked me open and led me to see that there is so much in our world to be grateful for, but only if we can take ourselves out of the center of everything.​

Bhakti taught me that real strength is not defined by just physical power or mental discipline.

Real strength is defined as a willingness to risk our own vulnerability to find the good in everyone; a willingness to love others regardless of their shortcomings or our own.

This is the strength I intend to pass on to my students. Whether its loving yourself through the courage to risk falling out of an arm balance or showing compassion and understanding to someone who has a completely opposite opinion from yours, the ability to reach a truly fulfilled life starts with love…and every soul has that capability.

We just need to move through our own obstacles to find it.



Hello beautiful humans! I’m Aryelle, a red-headed Aquarius living in New Jersey that loves all things mindfulness and wellness.

I have a huge passion for crystals and Chakra balancing and I’m a new yoga student of 200 HR from @honoryoganorthbrunswick.

I’m looking forward to inspire anyone dealing with difficulties in their life and showing them how to live more mindfully. I’ve always loved helping people and being apart of the Dhyana Yoga Boutique family will help me spread the word about their amazing quality yoga mats!